On Thursday 7th July - a momentous day in politics - Silvana Dallanegra RSCJ and Margaret Wilson RSCJ attended the Celebrating Young People Awards, run by Million Minutes, in the House of Commons. The event was joyous and inspiring, giving everyone plenty of reasons to have hope for the future. During the evening Silvana was highly commended in the Rutilio Grande Award for religious and clergy, for her Caritas work in schools. 

Silvana Dallanegra RSCJ on stage at the Young People Awards

Silvana says: 

I was both pleased and astonished by my nomination, let alone being highly commended! Our Constitutions say Conscious that what we do, we do together... And I remain very conscious that I have not done or won any of this alone: I'm part of a multi-talented and supportive team at Caritas; but even more fundamentally and primordially, of a generously supportive, multi-talented RSCJ community called to make Love known through the service of education. Flowing into my work, and my nomination are my sisters' prayers, and interest in what I do, some sound advice around primary school assemblies, donations for the school food banks I support, and a good deal more. 

I'm sure, though, that I wasn't alone in being surprised at my nomination - none of us in that room do what we do in order to win awards or medals. Instead, we all heard stories of so many incredible, dedicated young people, all motivated by compassion, concern and a desire for fairness and justice; each one engaged, in their own way, in building a better world; each one living their Faith, and their love in action." 

You can read a fuller reflection on the evening in Silvana's blog.



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