Schools with a Sacred Heart spirituality

Our schools and college are guided by our spirituality. Through them, we strive to make the love of Jesus real for our students and to encourage them to respond to the world’s joys and suffering with His compassionate love.

We do this by

  • providing moments of reflection and prayer.
  • gathering for worship, especially through the liturgy of the Church.
  • engaging with issues of justice, peace and the integrity of creation in the everyday, the locality, and the wider world.

News & updates

Sacred Heart Schools' Network Fundraising Success

November 14, 2023

Goals of Sacred Heart education

The five goals of Sacred Heart Education guide the many schools in our global network, uniting them under the priorities and the values that we received from St Madeleine Sophie.

We aim to educate the whole person so that each student is confident of their worth, mindful of the quality of their relationships, and open to actively living out Christ’s call to know and share His love. By living out these values, our educators can accompany students as they grow in self-knowledge, compassion, creativity, purpose, and conviction.

Active faith
Valuing intellect
Social awareness
Building community
Personal growth

Our network

Each school in our network has a goals coordinator and some have a Chaplain who helps the school to embrace the Sacred Heart ethos and embed the goals into the everyday life of their school.

Conferences and events are organised for school leaders, goals co-ordinators, chaplains, staff and pupils, including the bi-annual ‘Heartfest’ in which the pupils from all our schools come together.

Goals co-ordinators, Chaplains and School Leaders at Janet’s Stuart’s childhood home

School Leaders visiting Janet Stuart’s childhood home

Our last ‘Heartfest’ in Newcastle

Sacred Heart primary school, in Roehampton who with the other schools in the network raised £6000+ for those in need in the Phillippines

Our annual student leaders training in Woldingham School

Sacred Heart Primary School, Fenham visiting Mater in Rome

International links

Our schools and college are part of the global network of Sacred Heart schools and universities across the world. Through these international links, we are involved in international conferences, prayer projects, and overseas joint projects and student exchanges.

‘In Sophie’s Footsteps’, Centre Sophie Barat in Joigny, France 

European Conference for school leaders, Placeres, Spain 

International Heads conference, Mexico

Sixth formers from Fenham in Laini Saba primary school, Kibera, Kenya

European Sacred Heart Network

The United States and Canada schools’ network